Collection: Mica Powder

Pearlescent pigment is a novel pigment, which is composed of natural mica platelets sandwich sheet covered with metal oxides. Rely on the refraction of light, transmission to create hue and luster, its high refractive index and good transparency to create a natural pearl luster same effect in a transparent medium. Natural pearls layered structure, it is composed of alternating layers of calcium carbonate and protein layer wrapped in a core component, due to the calcium and protein refraction coefficient difference between the larger, and therefore, when the light shines to its surface, resulting in multiple refraction, reflection and transmission and the occurrence of interference of light to produce a special rich texture - pearl luster. Pearlescent pigment powder form, non-toxic, tasteless, acid, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-conductive, non-migratory and easily dispersed, with high heat resistance and weather resistance, fully in line with the interests of stringent environmental requirements. Pearlescent pigments with metallic paint flash effect, can produce a soft luster of natural pearls.
Product use: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, paint, printing inks, cosmetics, furniture, art fonts, plastics, ceramics, leather, (leather), handicrafts, textiles, Buddha, paper, incense, toys, decorations and other high-end products colored spray.