Collection: Watercolor Paint

Handmade Watercolor Paint Half Pan Midnight .

Introducing my crystal collection handmade watercolor paint

This listing is for one of the color ‘ Midnight‘

This 1st pic is show on white paper and black paper. The 2nd pic is show what other color we have on this collection

All together have 15 color 😀

Price is for a half pan 1.8ml size 0.75x 0.63x 0.4 inch.

Buy 4 or more of any of my paint will get a free magnetic tin with longed lid on your order !

All my paint contains CLOVE OIL in case of allergies, don’t use as make up or ingest.

All the pic I take with no filled added. Small bumps and small bubbles are natural & expected in the drying process & don’t affect the quality of the paints, I always add extra coat of paint , you will get your money worth🤗

All order come with a Popeyes tool for adding water to paint, and a magnet on the bottom of the pan.

To activate paint, place fee drop of water on top & wait 3-5 mins for the best results, add water an necessary, if shipping across country, place it in freezer for 10 mins to avoid stickiness,


Thanks for supporting my small business.